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This is a critical moment in shaping your framework for future success.

Now is the time to engage with a breadth of skill and experience to help you solve some of your biggest challenges. The Lab17 will help you map out your talent acquisition strategy, set you up for sustainable growth, and build your founding team.

We’ll set you, and your team up to be industry ready 

Your first steps are going to be your hardest. You’re beginning to realise that you need a formal, structured system in place, and you need top talent to get the cogs turning. Hiring is not about replicating yourself - we can help you identify the roles that you need first and foremost, and hone in on the diversity, skillset and experience that you need for a successful and sustainable founding team.

We're going to be flexible

One minute you’re hitting the pause button, and the next minute you're frantically smashing the play - hiring at this stage is sporadic. You need to flex with the level of demand, and we will flex with you. You may need one or two priority hires initially, you may need 5 or 6 down the track. Nothing is consistent at this stage of growth, which means we won’t tie you into any lengthy contracts, but you’ll never be out of sight, out of mind when you need to hit pause.

We'll form your employer brand

At this point in time, your employer brand = zero. However, this is prime time for us to define your founding story, and present your opportunities and your company’s vision to the talent market. It’s exciting times - let’s propel your growth story forward.

We share the outcomes

We know you’re investing in us, and we want to do the best work of our career partnering with you. Driving accountability is high on our agenda for all involved, and business leaders engage with us as we keep their direct in-house reports accountable too; improving their own ability to recruit, close and hire.

We'll be your support beacon

For any new startup founder, the extensive challenges of the ecosystem can be overwhelming. Taking learnings from people who have been there and done that is a priceless resource.   

Pass on the knowledge

We want to upskill your team, and leave you with strong foundations to continue to grow when you’re ready to go it alone.

How we work


The sweet spot

Ultimately, you want each person who joins your team to be doing the best work of their career at the 6 month mark of joining your organisation. We'll set you up for their success. 


Employer brand

We're huge believers in the power of collaboration. The more fluid our communications, the more effectively we can achieve your goals. We want to speak about you and your company as if we were you.

Our team prides itself on the ability to take your company’s message, brand and its opportunity, and present it to the talent market.  

Are you trying to solve a people problem, or forecasting to ensure you minimise these potential problems as you scale?

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