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For companies who need to scale their teams and accelerate their growth:

Core Tech


The Lab17 are in-house with you on your growth journey - fulfilling your hires, structuring your processes, building your acquisition infrastructure and raising your talent bar.   


This is not a case of bums on seats - we will help you find and retain top talent that aligns with your company's mission and its culture. Our team prides itself on the ability to take your company’s message, brand and its opportunity and present it to the talent market. 


Let’s build your team.

For the startups and founders at the beginning of their growth journey:

emerging Tech PARTNER

You have a scalable, unique and disruptive idea, and you need people to join you for the first time. You need a trusted partner who can establish your employee brand, and take your founding story to market. 

A critical moment in shaping your framework for future success, now is the time to engage with a breadth of skill and experience to help you solve some of your biggest challenges. The Lab17 will help you map out your talent acquisition strategy, set you up for sustainable growth, and build your founding team.

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skedulo & the lab17

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SHIPPIT & the lab17

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invoice2go & the lab17

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Your employer branding sends out a powerful message and the team at The Lab 17 can help you get this message right.

Who are you? What is your company's identity? What's your culture and how do you measure it? Why is it different from the next tech company?


We will guide you in building the narrative around your employees' unique identity and culture, one which genuinely reflects on your values as a company. 

We'll ensure that your employer brand is one that speaks volumes of its employees, and you as their employer.