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As a startup you'll face some challenging
people problems on your growth journey.

Tech is the industry with the highest turnover rate at 13.2%.

Turnover not only impacts your bottom line - costing 1.2x someone’s salary - but has huge impacts on your culture, team development and performance.

This can even reach 25% in startups, translating to an average tenure of only 2 years.

The top 3 reasons for employees leaving:
- Lack of opportunities for development
- Unsatisfied with senior leadership
- Unsatisfied with the work environment or culture


Let's help you solve these problems by designing people products that drive high performance and engagement as you scale. 

Some of our People Products: 

PD Infographic V3.png

What we can help you with: 

0-50 people

Building the right systems to help with rapid hiring.

Preserving and scaling the original culture.

Giving people the information they need to hit the ground running.

Driving a high performance culture to deliver on mission critical priorities and raise capital.


50-100 people

Define and communicate company purpose, vision and values.

Establish a seamless hiring process.

Embed values as behaviours and outlining leader capabilities.

Create rituals (e.g onboarding) to scale intrinsic knowledge.

Identify what good and great looks like for each person and team through goal setting.

100-150 people

Establish feedback and performance measurement systems so people and teams know how they're performing.

Start having career conversations.

Support teams to establish relationships and ways of working through team development workshops.

Roll out leadership development opportunities alongside clear expectations.

150+ people

Create opportunities for connecting back to the organisational purpose and people through offsites.

Establish a stable and scalable organisational structure that shows people a clear pathway for growth.

Build the right leadership team that will enable future growth, and coach them to become a high performing unit.

Our People Development partnerships: 

VHS Logo.png

Our People Development team

As employees, we've felt what it's like to thrive under incredible leadership and autonomous, empowering ways of working.

As leaders, we've seen people find clarity through clear expectations, flourish through feedback and live into their potential.

Steph Cawthorne

As People people, we've enabled a-ha moments in leaders, and seen the impact this has on their teams.

Nick Ingall
Talent Director - 
The Lab17

On the flip side, we've also seen organisational performance issues that lead to engagement issues. We've seen employees leave on bad terms.We've seen the impact of disengaging work on the wellbeing of family and friends.

Which is why we're here to help.

Early investment in your people and leadership ensures you can attract, develop and retain the right talent to achieve your strategic goals and drive business growth.

Katerina Spaseska

Isobel Reid
Associate People Development Consultant

Steph Cawthorne
Senior People Development Partner  - The Lab17


Katerina Spaseska
People Development Consultant 

The Lab17 Isobel

How we work


Connect with your team, leaders, employees to understand the problem space deeply, focusing on challenges, hopes, wants and needs.


Work with you and your team to co-design a solution together.

Test & iterate

Create a prototype to test with a small group and iterate based on feedback.


Launch the product, and support adoption through activities, learning & development, written guides and 1:1 support.

InDebted engaged Lab17 to help support our people operations team as we embarked on our scale-up journey. Steph instantly made an impact, giving us the benefit of her energy, insights and experience. Steph’s support across the entire People and Culture function has been invaluable and we’ve been lucky to have her part of our team.

Ben Watiwat
VP Operations & Finance 

Are you trying to solve a people problem, or forecasting to ensure you minimise these potential problems as you scale?

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