As a startup you'll face some challenging
people problems on your growth journey.

We're here to help you solve them.

To achieve your ambitious goals, retaining your people and getting the best out of them needs to be a strategic priority.
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the problem
our solution

Culture created through osmosis from founder and first 5 hires​

  • Building the right systems to help with rapid hiring.

  • Preserving and scaling the original culture.

  • Ensuring everyone knows what's going on.

  • Giving people the information they need to hit the ground running. 

  • Driving a high performance culture to deliver on mission critical priorities and raise capital.

  • Define and communicate company purpose, vision and values. 

  • Establish a seamless hiring process.

  • Embed values as behaviours and outlining leader capabilities.

  • Create rituals (e.g onboarding) to scale intrinsic knowledge.

  • Identify what good and great looks like for each person and team through goal setting.

50-100 PEOPLE

People start to feel like they're part of an established company.

  • People start wanting feedback to grow and achieve high performance.

  • People start asking about careers and development.

  • Teams need support to move quickly from forming to performing.

  • Leadership capability becomes critical for the success of individuals and teams.

  • Establish feedback and performance measurement systems so people and teams know how they're performing.

  • Start having career conversations.

  • Support teams to establish relationships and ways of working through team development workshops.

  • Roll out leadership development opportunities alongside clear expectations.

100-150 PEOPLE

People expect to work in an organisation with established practices, rituals, ways of working and being, where they will be able to grow and flourish. 

  • People stop knowing everyone and feel disconnected.​

  • More structured change management is needed for new initiatives or ways of working.

  • Organisational structure has emerged organically, but isn't set up for scale. 

  • Create opportunities for connecting back to the organisational purpose and people through offsites.

  • Establish a stable and scalable organisational structure that shows people a clear pathway for growth.

  • Build the right leadership team that will enable future growth, and coach them to become a high performing unit.

Steph Cawthorne

We are so passionate about this space because we've been there. We've felt the highs and the lows of scaling. We've got the war stories to prove it.

We know that setting up the right people foundations, early on, will unlock the potential of scale-ups, allowing them to soar.

Steph Cawthorne
People Development 
The Lab17

Nick Ingall
The Lab17

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As employees, Nick and Steph have felt what it's like to thrive under incredible leadership and autonomous, empowering ways of working.


As leaders, we've seen people find clarity through clear expectations, flourish through feedback and live into their potential.

Modern Office

As People people, we've enabled a-ha moments in leaders, and seen the impact this has on their teams.

Working at the Office

On the flip side, we've also seen organisational performance issues that lead to engagement issues.


We've seen employees leave on bad terms. We've seen the impact of disengaging work on the wellbeing of family and friends.

We'll work with you to design people products that drive high performance and engagement as you scale.