Our talent partnerships cover every stage of a start-ups growth  journey

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Core tech

For companies who need to scale their teams and accelerate their growth:

Emerging tech

For the startups and founders at the beginning of their growth journey:

Core tech partner - you need high quality talent acquisition, and you need it fast.

We’ve been on growth journeys before - many times. The internal scaling experience that we have as a team is priceless.

We’ve lived multiple 50 to 350 headcounts, and our battle-scarred directors have faced successful scale ups of 500 people in a calendar year. 

We have earned our stripes, and now our passion is passing on this knowledge and experience to the tech startup ecosystem. 

What we can help you with:


  • Generating stronger top of funnel recruitment activity.

  • Closing candidates successfully to level up your organisation. 

  • Taking your message and opportunity to the talent market.

  • Building your talent systems and infrastructure: Goal setting, research, talent mapping, onboarding / offboarding, interview processes, success measures, retention, culture and brand. 

  • Provide clarity and structured planning on all roles across all departments: engineering, marketing, design, product, operations, finance.

  • Upskill your in-house talent team by accessing new levels of skills and behaviours through The Lab17.

  • Open up our talent pool networks (our team has over 25 years experience in the tech scaling ecosystem) 

  • Cost efficiencies


Emerging tech partner - we have the indispensable tools and knowledge to help you through some of your toughest early stage challenges.

You have a scalable, unique and disruptive idea, and you need people to join you for the first time.

You need a trusted partner who can establish your employee brand, and take your founding story to market. 

What we can help you with:


  • Source your critical first hires

  • Build employer brand

  • Take your narrative to the talent market

  • Build your founding team

  • Consult on talent strategy 

  • Enable you to learn how to grow in the startup ecosystem




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