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Identify, attract and hire the people you need through an embedded talent partnership


‘The Lab17 has been instrumental in our growth journey. They have been a key partner in bringing world class talent to the most mission critical areas, and they did so with professionalism, dedication and incredible speed.’
Shirley Anderson - Global Head of Success - Immutable

 The Lab17 is an extension to your team. We work in-house with you to build you a candidate focused, scalable, end-to-end talent acquisition process.

We jump in deep to understand your business, culture and talent needs - articulating your EVP to bring exceptional candidates to the table. 

We build your internal hiring capabilities as we go, taking you on a TA transformation journey to save you time, money and valuable resources.

We can build your team - all of it

You will have at least one onsite dedicated account manager as your internal resource, however The Lab17 crew is all-hands-on-deck, across all of our partners. You need a team that covers all functions, and we have the depth, the skillset and the experience to recruit across a spectrum of roles - whether its engineering, marketing, product, sales, finance or operations. 

We attack the problem through the internal lens

We’ve been on growth journeys before - many times. The internal scaling experience that we have as a team is priceless. We’ve lived multiple 50 to 350 headcounts, and our battle-scarred directors have faced successful scale ups of 500 people in a calendar year. We have earned our stripes, and now our passion is passing on this knowledge and experience.

We will save you money vs FTEs

We know headcount can fluctuate dramatically during scale up mode - and that’s ok. Rather than investing in a full time talent acquisition team, you can utilise us until you gain consistency, and invest in your in-house talent acquisition team when the time is right - we can help you map this out too.

We share the outcomes

We know you’re investing in us, and we want to do the best work of our career partnering with you. Driving accountability is high on our agenda for all involved, and business leaders engage with us as we keep their direct in-house reports accountable too - improving their own ability to recruit, close and hire.

We’ll leave you with both the tools, and the people

It’s not about pitching a candidate, then handing them over. We partner with you to build and execute on the entirety of your talent framework. We will level up your processes, challenge you on the positioning of roles, truly define job descriptions, nail your onboarding plan and set individual goals for the first 6 months for each team member.

Pass on the knowledge

We want to upskill your team, and leave you with strong foundations to continue to grow when you’re ready to go it alone.

Our talent partnership deliverables:

TA Infographic.png

'Human capital is the number one problem scale ups need to solve after product market fit. The Lab17 know exactly what you’re about to go through.'

Gillian Findlay - Venture Partner

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Find out more

Are you at the very beginning of your growth journey?

You have a scalable, unique and disruptive idea, and you need people to join you for the first time. You need a trusted partner who can establish your employee brand, and take your founding story to market. 

What we can help you with:


  • Source your critical first hires

  • Build employer brand

  • Take your narrative to the talent market

  • Build your founding team

  • Consult on talent strategy 

  • Enable you to learn how to grow in the startup ecosystem

How we do it

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