One half of the Lab17's founding duo, Simon has been scaling sustainable, culture driven teams since early 2008. His continued motivation in this space is driven by his curiosity with the Tech Sector, the impact of the industry and the dynamics of its growth.  


Simon is obsessed with human experience and its application, carving out his success in the industry with this fundamental ability to connect with people, and build strong, long lasting relationships.

Having grown up in the small town of Darwin, Northern Territory, cultural experiences have always played a pivotal role in Simon's approach, knowing diversity in all aspects of life is essential for growth and innovation.


Simon Bernardino




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The other half of the Lab17's founding duo, Nick admits he's a closet nerd. He identified early on in his professional life that to get smarter you have to surround yourself with intelligent people who solve complex problems - the Tech Startup domain seemed a good fit. 


Nick's approach of building a team vs putting a bum on a seat brings to life his vision of culture fit, timing (startups are not your 9-5) and getting the balance of experience v opportunity for both sides right. His fundamentals have been building sustainable and successful teams globally, since 2011. 


Nick loves the ambiguity and daily challenges that come naturally in this environment, and finds it an undeniable place for education and learning. His ability to unearth a company's core vision is his secret to providing a platform for people to do the best work of their career.

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Cloë is a Human Led Talent Warrior with 7 years recruiting into the tech space across Australia and the US. 

She's built product, engineering and design teams in a sustainable fashion,

and prides her success on a transparent working relationship with both candidates and hiring managers.

She gets excited about process improvement, building employer brand and pitching awesome product companies to candidates. 


Nick Ingall


Cloë Stanbridge 

Lead Talent Acquisition Manager

Claudia Guigovaz-3 (1).JPG

Claudia is a curious being that is passionate about every human interaction encountered. She's recruited in the tech space for over two years focusing her efforts on the Australian market. 

Predominantly focused on engineering recruitment, she's building her capability across product and design to help form strong cross functional organisational structures. 

Her focus and craft is about finding the best person for the role, not a 'bum on a seat'. Her curiosity and tenacity ensures she asks the right questions and finds the perfect candidate. 

The most exciting part of her role is seeing the people she's hired flourish in their careers. That's when she knows she's done her job well. 


Jordan is an experienced Tech Recruiter with 5 years of experience building high performing product & engineering teams across Australia.


He cut his teeth in agency recruitment but was drawn to The Lab17 model to add value at a deeper level with hiring managers.


He prides himself on the strong network he has built and nurtured over the years.


He loves geeking out at tech meetups, experimenting with new sourcing techniques and learning about new technologies.

Emily Talent Acquisition.jpeg

Emily is a TA warrior with experience building tech teams across Australia and the USA.


She started her career doing end to end recruitment for an agency but made the move to the Lab17 to follow her passion and get a deeper understanding of the start-up world.


Emily prides herself on building long-lasting relationships with candidates and stakeholders and gets excited about building employer brand.


She is driven by enabling people to chase and achieve their career goals as well as having a direct impact on the growth and success of our business partners.


An experienced Tech Sourcer, Ana's people first approach is well matched with the industry. She's formed relationships with people from all over the world through her chosen craft, and is proud of the network she has built.


Ana's methodology is to be polite, understandable, kind, and treat candidates with the respect they deserve - they should never feel like a number. 

Loving the challenges of talent acquisition, she's always exploring possible outcomes, asking questions, learning new things, and defining her technique.


The best part of her job is the elation of candidates being successful in a role - there is nothing better.


Claudia Giugovaz 

Talent Acquisition Manager

Jordan Divertie

Talent Acquisition Manager

Emily Bachoura

Talent Acquisition Manager

Ana Isic

Talent Acquisition Manager

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August 10, 2016

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